Better Self
Transform. Illuminate. Empower.

akashic counselling

The vision of Akashic Counselling is to inspire a journey of transformation; to explore and illuminate a unique path of enhanced possibilities and to empower individuals to live abundant and meaningful lives.  Akashic Counselling clients possess a strong desire to change, an appetite to explore new alternatives, a keen interest in discovering and developing their better (or best!) self, and wish to live more fully and authentically. 

Some of the most common topics of concern for Akashic clients include:  

  • Loss, grief, and bereavement
  • Psychological and emotional well-being and enhanced performance in the workplace
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Searching for meaning, increased fulfillment, and happiness


Personal and dedicated 1-1 counselling  support

An 8-week, solution-focused program for targeted goals and tangible outcomes

Illuminate and empower through knowledge and

Therapeutic support for women who experienced early mother loss

Integrating a nature-based approach into healing