Akashic Counselling Offers In-Person Sessions in Parksville Wellness Center

Akashic Counselling Offers In-Person Sessions in Parksville Wellness Center

Akashic Counselling is pleased to announce a new and meaningful collaborative relationship with the recently renovated and re-opened Intuitive Touch Massage Therapy & Wellness Centre.

In addition to ongoing regular telehealth/remote and ecotherapy session options, commencing February 8th, Michelle will be offering in-person counselling sessions in the Intuitive Touch wellness space; located in the heart of Parksville at 182 Memorial Ave.

“Being welcomed into a space devoted to integrated health and wellness is a wonderful opportunity for both myself as a practitioner and for clients wishing to focus on their emotional and mental well-being alongside their physical health under one roof,” adds Michelle. “We have all learned in recent years that counselling and counsellor-facilitated workshops can be conducted online, but it cannot fully replace the power of interpersonal connection and transformation that can happen in togetherness.”

Paula Beuerman, Registered Massage Therapist and owner of Intuitive Touch adds, “I truly believe that our thoughts and beliefs have much to do with the aches and pains that manifest in our bodies. It has always been part of my vision to find ways to integrate more of the mind-body aspect of total health into our offerings. We are delighted to add Michelle to our inner circle of wellness services to provide increased benefit to those seeking holistic support.”

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The vision of Akashic Counselling is to inspire a journey of transformation; to explore and illuminate a unique path of enhanced possibilities to empower individuals to live abundant and meaningful lives.  Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and principal Michelle Hohn, offers counselling and counsellor-facilitated workshops specializing in loss and grief (including animal companion loss), overcoming adverse childhood experiences, anxiety, depression, navigating complex life transitions, and discovering pathways to increased happiness and fulfillment.

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