Upcoming Expressive Writing Workshop – Celebrate HER

Upcoming Expressive Writing Workshop – Celebrate HER

We all have – or have had – important and influential women in our lives – a mother, grandmother, sister, niece, mentor, BFF, or colleague… Who is she?  Why is she important to you?  Does she know?  Whether she has passed or is still very much with us in the present – perhaps it is time to Celebrate HER!

Inspiring, illuminating, and creating space for new conversations and connections, Celebrate HER highlights the lives of these important women, through expressive writing techniques that can bring new perspective to your relationships, enhance appreciation of life experiences, and can also be an instrument of healing.  As an added bonus, the resulting piece can make a great gift!

Each Celebrate HER expressive writing workshop has two components:

  • One 6-hour workshop structured to provide an introduction to expressive writing techniques, exercises, and reflective prompts.  The session includes time to start composing and share early process thoughts and/or excerpts of your work in a safe and supportive setting
  • One 2-hour follow-up session.  Part of Celebrate HER experience is the opportunity to have others bear witness to this woman’s unique essence – to share her with others. In this session, participants update the group on progress since the workshop and/or read completed writing

The next Celebratre HER expressive writing experience will be held in April – space is limited, more information and sign-up here!