What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for a range of nature-based approaches to healing.  It originates from the belief that people are connected to, and are impacted by, nature; that our psyches are not separate or somehow isolated from the energy of our natural environment.   The beneficial effects of time spent outdoors and in nature result not only from what people see, but from holistic interaction with the air and earth; what can be experienced through other senses as well…  the sounds and smells of nature!

A growing body of research highlights the positive benefits of connecting with and exploring our relationship with nature. Evidence-based studies have shown ecotherapy can lead to an increase in positive emotions and satisfaction, a decrease in negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, a reduction in overall stress, and a greater capacity to focus attention on mindfulness.

All Akashic Counselling services have the capacity to integrate aspects of ecotherapy for balance, improved well-being… and just plain variety!  Individual (60 and 90 minute sessions) are particularly well-suited to ‘walk and talk’ ecotherapy and/or the use of meditation and labyrinths in nature.

If this feels like it may be a fit for you, ask me about how to incorporate ecotherapy into your personal wellness plan.

Examples of Ecotherapy Activities Can Include:
  • Counselling Sessions in Nature
  • Meditation in Nature (including the use of Labyrinths)
  • Therapeutic Photography
  • Physical Activity in Natural Environments
  • Horticultural Therapy
  • Animal-Assisted Therapy
  • Participation in Conservation Activities