Individual Counselling

Private, 1-1 counselling  sessions.
Dedicated time to focus on YOU and what matters to you most.

WELCOME.  If you are here, perhaps you have have experienced one of life’s inevitable losses.  Maybe you are interested in enhanced emotional well-being and improved performance at work, or are facing a challenging personal or professional life transition.  You may be feeling a range of emotions from completely overwhelmed, to uncertain or stuck, and may be having difficulties moving forward. I am here to help. We will explore your challenges and opportunities together and find ways to, first cope, and then overcome obstacles or ways of thinking that may be holding you back, before we integrate new tools and empowered goals into your path of possibilities with confidence.

My role for the most part is to listen intently and with curiosity and to walk alongside you in your journey of self-awareness, exploration, and healing (the more traditional counselling role). Sometimes I become more involved or more directed in the use of specific techniques or alterntatives that shine light on certain topics and to support ‘connecting the dots’ for positive and desired change.  If you might be interested in a more targeted/goal oriented approach, I also offer an 8 week, bespoke, solution-focused program called Touchstone

Individual counselling sessions are offered in one of three ways:

  1. Through TELEHEALTH – online via telephone or secure platform options (like Zoom)
  2. Outdoor ecotherapy sessions (‘walk and talk’)
  3. In-person: Akashic Counselling has an office located in The Intuitive Touch Wellness Centre in Parksville, BC