About Wildflower

Wildflower is therapeutic support for women who have experienced mother loss through death in childhood or adolescence (before age 21) and provides a healing, supportive, and nurturing environment through individual counselling sessions, activities, and events to:

  • Inform and empower in the present, while
  • Honouring the memories of the past, and
  • Navigating the healing direction of the future.

All Wildflower sessions and events are counsellor led or facilitated by Michelle Hohn, MA, RTC, who lost her mother to breast cancer at age 11.


To provide a confidential, compassionate, and continuously enriching environment for women who have experienced early mother loss.


To bring together women who have experienced mother loss in childhood or adolescence to:

  • Build a consistent and reliable network of meaningful counsellor-facilitated support  surrounding this life-long, life-altering event
  • Share powerful personal experience, wisdom, and insights
  • Educate and empower through information and resource sharing
  • Provide access to therapeutic elements and outcomes surrounding this very specific bereavement topic
  • Celebrate resilience


Wildflower prioritizes the following core values in the achievement of its vision and mission:

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Why Wildflower?

Wildflower was originally formed in 2014 as a peer support group to fill a much needed gap in resources and create a specialized niche of support for women who experienced the loss of their mother in childhood or adolescence.  I wanted a name for the group that embodied the features of women I knew who had overcome young loss, but without the TMI (too much information) factor or using words that might be too revealing to private matters near and dear to our hearts. 

Wildflowers are unique, exotic, beautiful, and resilient — with a hint of fierce. They are a flora of circumstance: not intentionally planted, and must dynamically shift and adapt to unforseen changes in their environment. Despite their delicate nature, Wildflowers have the innate strength and resilience to grow on their own, but also thrive even better with cultivation and support.

And… the FLO in Wildflower is in honour of  my mother, Florence.

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Past Events - Stay Tuned for 2022 Events!

Location:  Vancouver Island/Outdoors & Distanced
[specific meeting point available upon sign-up]
Sunday, September 19, 2021
10am – 1:30pm

Facilitated by Michelle Hohn, MA, RTC
with special guest – photographer Melanie Roth

                                                        It’s not about the ART of the photo, it’s about the HEART of the image.

This counsellor-facilitated workshop will start with an introduction to Therapeutic Photography – which involves taking and interpreting photos as a method of expression, and for personal healing, growth, and transformation.  Actively seeking-out and capturing imagery that aligns with ideas, desires, or current state of emotions, and then exploring and reflecting on these photographs, can promote new ways to learn more about self-expression and how we view the world.  Special guest and local photographer Melanie Roth, will then lead the group on a nature walk to further develop and enhance the ‘photographic eye’.  The workshop will close with some PhotoTherapy / expressive writing techniques to deepen this exploration, and a group share of the experience. 

Learn more about how creating a photograph isn’t the end goal; it’s a beginning point for further exploration!

ABOUT MELANIE:  Melanie is a retired Elementary School Principal and amateur photographer with a special interest in birds. She is looking forward to exploring the trails with you!

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