Frequently Asked Questions

Individual counselling and 1-1 participation in The Touchstone Program can share many similar benefits, may have a certain degree of cross-over of therapeutic approaches and techniques, and both require the development of a trusting relationship with your counsellor/coach. Both aim to seek collaborative movement towards client-centered objectives and desired outcomes, combined with the reduction of any blocks or negative symptoms.  

Individual counselling sessions are more ‘classic’ or traditional style counselling, where the main role of the counsellor is to facilitate a warm, genuine, and safe space in which to express thoughts, validate feelings, increase awareness, explore options, and co-create individualized short and long-term goals.  How often we meet and for what overall duration is totally different for each client.  

Touchstone is a solution-focused 8-week program.  It may infuse some counselling if beneficial, however focuses strongly on the coaching element – there is a bit more ‘push’ and a lot more homework!  We roll-up our sleeves a little differently with respect to investigating options, unearthing proactive personal and professional workplace outcomes, and how we use our time together for reflection, innovation, the creation of tangible and measurable action plans, while processing transformation and growth.

Counselling and coaching are covered by many company benefits packages and extended health insurance plans.  Every organization and every insurance company offers different policies with different levels of coverage for varying personal services, so it is not an ‘across the board’ answer.  The most effective way for you to find out if you may be eligible for reimbursement and in what amount is to:

  • Check under the extended health section of your insurance company’s website for eligibility of coverage for counselling or coaching
  • Call your insurance company and ask if you are covered for counselling/coaching with a practitioner who holds the Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) designation 
  • Check the extended health section of your benefits booklet for coverage or ask a Human Resources representative to confirm if your benefits cover counselling or coaching sessions, and whether the designation of the counsellor/coach is specified
  • Ask your Human Resources department if our work together might be considered eligible under other ‘Professional Development’ or ‘Wellness Fund” benefits that would partially or fully reimburse session fees by your organization to support employee wellbeing in the workplace.


Direct billing is not available at this time, however receipts are provided for submission to your employer or insurance provider.


There are many support groups available for loss, grief, and bereavement in a general sense – offered in a range of formats – through health agencies, hospices, churches, and informally organized groups.  Loss in childhood and adolescence is considered a traumatic experience and tends to have impacts on development and into later life that can be very different than experiencing loss as a mature adult.  The eligibility criteria (adult women who experienced mother loss through death before age 21) is designed to support focused efforts for a very specific bandwidth of bereavement circumstances.

Fees – all fees listed below are in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable tax (5% GST).  Session fees are paid through e-transfer.

15 minute consultation – complimentary/no charge.  It is essential to the therapeutic experience or coaching process that you work alongside a practitoner that you feel connected, comfortable, and aligned with.

Individual 60 Minute Counselling Session – $125   (online or outdoor/ecotherapy  walking session option)

Individual 90 Minute Counselling Session – $180 (online or outdoor/ecotherapy)

Individual 60 Minute Coaching Session – $250

Coaching Bundles and Touchstone – pls inquire

Workshops – Range in pricing depending upon number of sessions and the degree of therapeutic versus creative focus.   In 2022, examples of Akashic workshop offerings include Celebrate HER ($199), Celebrating Spirit ($349) and Celebrating Animal Spirit – the Loss of a Beloved Animal Companion ($249).

Cancellation Policy

For coaching and counselling sessions, please provide a minimum of 24 BUSINESS hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid being charged for the session. Cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to your appointment will be charged at full cost.  However crisis situations do occur, and there may be extenuating circumstances where the missed session fee will be waived.

Workshop cancellation policy differs and is provided upon sign-up.