New Publication – My Mother’s Story: Gone Too Soon

New Publication – My Mother’s Story: Gone Too Soon


Discover the powerful connection between storytelling and healing.

Michelle Hohn, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, partners with the Mothership Stories Society to create and present this third published work in the My Mother’s Story storytelling series.

Gone Too Soon is a themed anthology—a courageous collection of stories using the My Mother’s Story template—written by adults who experienced the loss of their mother in childhood or adolescence. This book offers the rich, lived experiences of twenty mothers and their twenty bereaved children—eighteen women and two men, ranging in age from thirty to seventy-six, and residing in four nations around the globe (Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and South Korea).

Both heartbreaking and hopeful, these stories and author reflections are about far more than mothers and loss, and present readers with an array of experiences, revealing the history of women and all that they experienced or endured–their values, choices, happiness, fulfillment, and opportunities, as well as their challenges, moments of quiet desperation, and defeats along the way.

Experience the transformative healing power of honouring mothers and celebrating these ordinary women for the extraordinary lives they lived – albeit far too brief.

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